Most Insurance Will Cover Your Care at the MBC

New Hampshire is one of several states with a law that requires insurance companies to pay midwives and birth centers. While the medical insurance industry is quite complex and therefore there are some exceptions, most insurance companies and insurance plans will cover your care at the Monadnock Birth Center. Our Birth Center and our midwives are “in-network” providers with the majority of insurance companies doing business in New Hampshire. This means that the Monadnock Birth Center has a contract with these insurance companies to provide reimbursement for your care. Frequently, we are also able to be reimbursed by plans that do not do business in New Hampshire.


Why a Midwife?

Midwives and Birth Centers Equal Healthier Mothers and Babies In the United States, fewer than 10% of births are attended by midwives – in hospital, free-standing birth centers and at home combined. In Western Europe, 50-80% of babies are delivered into the hands of midwives, whether in hospital, free-standing birth centers or at home, and women and babies in these countries are healthier as a result.


Women in labor love water!

There is no question - when a laboring woman steps into a warm pool of water, the relief she most often feels is immediate. While being submerged in water does not make labor pain free, most commonly women say the water comforts them, takes the edge off of the pain, allows them to move around more freely and to cope more easily with the natural intensity of labor.


Why Choose a Birth Center?

Our center is one of only approximately 300 free-standing birth centers in the U.S. – most of which are owned and operated by midwives. Albeit small in number, birth centers are growing rapidly around the country. What makes our free-standing birth center so different? The unique opportunity to partner with our midwives allows you to achieve your desired birth experience.


Community Resources

Here is a list of wonderful, local resources available to help you through your pregnancy and beyond. We trust that your experience with these providers, groups and professionals will be an enjoyable one. Click the links to learn more about each listing: