Prenatal appointments

“I especially felt relaxed and great about the prenatal appointments. It was very important for me to have a choice in pregnancy care and for my birth.”


Time & Attention

“We appreciated the long appointments and opportunity to ask all of our questions and really talk about pregnancy and the birth process.”


A perfect place to experience a miracle

“We couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable place to have our child. It was extremely relaxing and a perfect place to experience a miracle! We feel so blessed to have had you and the center available for the birth of our child.”



“I liked how loving, caring and nurturing the midwives were. They did not leave my side for a minute. I felt so loved.”



“Birthing at the Center was truly a beautiful and unique experience. I’d be in the middle of a contraction and out of the corner of my eye I’d see the smallest little detail of beauty that would captivate me and distract me from the contraction I was experiencing.”