Why a Birth Center?

The Monadnock Birth Center offers you safe, comfortable midwifery care with support and personal attention through your pregnancy, birth and post-birth care. Our free-standing birth center is uniquely designed with YOU in mind. Come visit the Monadnock Birth Center to meet our midwives and explore our unique care experience. Our Midwives’ partner with you to achieve the birth experience you and your family want.

Why a Birth Center

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Embrace the Discomfort of Labor

Labor transforms you on every level of your being - turning you into a parent and giving you the power, self-reliance and confidence to care for a newborn. Most women have some fear or concern as their labor approaches, yet the naturally unfolding process actually enhances both your safety and the safety of your baby. Although labor is designed to be challenging, it is also designed to be completely doable.

Midwives with Admitting Privileges at Monadnock Birth Center

Mary Lawlor
Mary LawlorOwner CPM, LM, NHCM, MA
Mary is the founder, owner & clinical director of the birth center. In addition to her local responsibilities, she serves on national boards as a passionate advocate for midwives.

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Rebecca Price-Wood
Rebecca Price-WoodMidwife, CPM, NHCM
I have been a midwife at the births of over 300 mama-baby pairs. It seems unfathomable to me that this could be true, because this means I have known, cared for, learned from, and have been shaped by these six hundred… and hundreds more family members.
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Lacey Heasley
Lacey Heasley CPM, LM, NHCM
I love what I do! It is my passion and my life’s work to serve families and my community. I am the newest midwife on the MBC and Sacred Transitions Midwifery team! I joined the practice in October 2019. I am so happy to be here serving all of our wonderful families. I am relatively new to New England; I moved up here with my family last year.
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Tonia Bowman
Tonia Bowman Midwife, CNM, APRN
Toni has worked with women from all walks of life, an experience she credits with providing her the opportunity to offer clients empathetic care that is respectful of their individual circumstances.

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